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The software Upperlimb is something like an integrated software development environment for motion analysis. You can work by following your own ideas and use the tools for your specific research questions but some operational procedures are typically equal for all users and all topics. These are explained as typical workflows in the following chapters.

Most of the described Workflows are not specific for upperlimb modelling, that is why they are listed in the Workflows section of the Nimue platform documentation.

The Workflows specific for the upperlimb software are listed in the following sections.

Working with static scapula positions for elevation angles bigger than 90 degrees

Autodetect humeral elevation phases

A common situation is that multiple repetitions of humeral elevation are saved in the same trial. You want to extract them to show time-normalized curves of elevation only. So you want to create phases of elevation automatically. How this can be done is shown in the documentation of the modelling element <event> as an complex example.

With a maximum of 90 degree of elevation typically skin motion artefacts are less. If you have measurements from patients, than in can be happen that they can not elevante their arms up to 90+10=100 degree. That´s why the maximum value is configurable in the model V1.5:

 <Phase name="REleStartPhase" 
           process="post" minwidth="10"
           startEvent="RHS" endEvent="RTO"
           includes="ShoulderAbdAdd,ShoulderAnteRetro">RShoulderEleDepHDCalDirCosAngle &lt; 30.0</Phase>
        <Event name="REleStart" phase="REleStartPhase" method="min"
               includes="ShoulderAbdAdd,ShoulderAnteRetro" process="post">RShoulderEleDepHDCalDirCosAngle*1.0</Event>
        <!-- die 40 hat sich bei RCycleMaxElevation=90 bewaehrt, bei cylcMaxElevation=60 muss das vielleicht um 10 reduziert werden -->
        <Phase name="REleEndPhase" 
           process="post" minwidth="40"
           startEvent="RHS" endEvent="RTO"
           includes="ShoulderAbdAdd,ShoulderAnteRetro">RShoulderEleDepHDCalDirCosAngle &gt; (RCycleMaxElevation - 30.0)</Phase>
        <Event name="REleEnd" phase="REleEndPhase" method="max"
               includes="ShoulderAbdAdd,ShoulderAnteRetro" process="post">RShoulderEleDepHDCalDirCosAngle*1.0</Event> 
        <!-- RShoulderEleDepHDCalDirCosAngle &lt; RCycleMaxElevation -->
        <!-- limit always to 90 degree instead to RCycleMaxElevatio-->
        <Phase name="RElePhase" 
           startEvent="REleStart" endEvent="REleEnd" process="post" 
           includes="ShoulderAbdAdd,ShoulderAnteRetro">RShoulderEleDepHDCalDirCosAngle &lt; 90.0</Phase>

RElePhase is limited to 90 degree even if RCycleMaxElevation is smaller, e.g. 60 degree. If you plot phases of the type “RElePhase” also frames are shown with values bigger than RCycleMaxElevation.

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