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There is no yet a download link available. Please ask Oliver Rettig how to get the application installer.


Ready to use installers for windows and linux based systems are available with the name “upperlimbapp-<windows|linux>.exe”. After the start you will see the following panel and you have to press the “next” button:

At the following panel you can change the default folder, where the application is installed and you can descide if shortcuts should be created.

If the folder exists and is not empty you can not go the next panel before you have changed the folder to an apropiate one which ist new or if it exists which is empty.

During the installation process the follwing panel is shown:

If the installation process is finished, the following üanel is shwon and you can descide if you want to start the application immideatly or not.

If you have successfully installed the application you have to activate it.


The application contains commercial modules. Thats why a licence manager is included. If you start the application you will see the following panel:

If you start the application the first time you can select the evaluation mode but the info box in the right side of the bottom shows you that there are no days for evaluation left. If you start the evaluation a second time you have no choice. You have to click on the “buy and activate” button because no evaluation mode is currently available. Then you will see the following panel:

The important thing on this panel is the PC-ID. You have to send it to Oliver Rettig and he create an activation key for. This key you have to input in the next panel after you press the button “activate”. The panel looks like the following:

Application configuration

In the subfolder “etc” of the upperlimb application installation there is a file “upperlimb.conf”. You can configure there the main application behavior.

The most important property is

default_options="--branding upperlimbapp -J-Xms24m -J-Xmx2400m -J-Dnetbeans.logger.console=true -J-ea -J-Djava.library.path=platform/lib -J-Dorg.openide.loaders.FolderChildren.delayedCreation=false"

You can increase the maximum memory the application will use by setting the attribute -J-Xmx2400m to a bigger value. The meaning of 2400M is a maximum of 2400 mega bytes of memory.

Be careful. For a 32bit version of an application the memory typically is limited by 1400m. If you need more memory you need a 64bit version of the application.

Project configuration

To process data with a model you first Need a “Project”. A project is a Folder with a set of subfolders which include mainly XML-files to describe what to do. You can open an existing project and modify its content inside the Upperlimb application. You can open more than project. But exactly one of them must be defined as main project: Open the the context menu in the projects tab by right-click of the mouse and choose one of the open projects as a main project. The Name of the Project is shown in bold faces in the list of project in the projects tab.

You should have all of your projects in version control. The Upperlimb app supports git.


Bug and feature requests can be reported via MantisBT, a bug tracking tool used for several applications. Please ask Oliver Rettig for the needed account.

In the above shown reporting mask, please do not forget to set the project to “UpperlimbApp”.

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